Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So I Took Some Time Off...Translation: I Forgot I Started A Blog.

I wish I was kidding you but seriously, that's how distracted I've been.  Distracted with what you ask?  I wish I could remember but sadly nothing significant is resonating in my mind to account for the months of downtime.  Like if I could tell you that I renovated my bathroom or painted a wall mural depicting my current obsession with All Saints then yes, it would seem like my time was well accounted for and used wisely.  However I think the truth is that I was bored but now I'm not.  Why?  What's changed? Boots and sweaters, that's what!  Two or three weeks ago we had a random day of dreary fall weather and I high tailed my cookies to my wardrobe storage area (not glamorous, I assure you) and pulled out a couple pairs of boots and a few sweaters.  I wasn't going to get cocky about the whole thing because I live in Los Angeles so the weather spiked back into the hundreds and has taunted me.  It was literally in the 90's on Sunday which if you look at the date of this entry you can surmise was in LATE OCTOBER!!!  But yesterday I woke up and though the day prior I was sweating in long pants, a light tank and sandals, I decided damn you weather, I'm wearing BOOTS!  So I threw on my blue Stella McCartney for Target Australia wrap dress from 2007 (yes, dry cleaning can make a target dress last for 4 years) , a Barneys/Rogan Organic long grey open knit cardigan and my navy Sartore riding boots assuming I'd have to lose the sweater and boots by 10am or suffer heat stroke and low and behold it was Chillsville all day!  I kid you not when I say the temperature didn't hit 70 and I had the chills all day!!!!  Sweet Linus was it like a deep french kiss from my long lost love Sweater Weather.  Yum!  Now I'm obsessed with knitting and crocheting in anticipation of getting all layered up and fabulous for the cold weather.  Here are some of my fave knitted pieces that I'm going to try to make in the hours between children going to bed and my weary self falling asleep (read: 8:30 - 11pm...who am I kidding it's 9 to 10:30.)  Right now I've finished a poncho for the girls that I can also wear as a giant neckwarmer and am nearly done with a 60 inch infinity scarf that I think might be going to someone for a holiday gift if I can part with it.  Let's see how many random knitted pieces I can make before New Years.  Will post pics of the pieces when they're ready!
oh knits lovechunky knit scarf
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And the other great thing I've found recently is an adorable video that teaches you how to tie a scarf in different ways that I wanted to share with you.


  1. This is the one I'm working on right now and it's so easy!

  2. There is truly nothing better than something that has been handknit. And one of the great things about handknit sweaters is getting to pick exactly what fiber you want it made from and what size it should be.

    (Silence M.)