Friday, December 2, 2011

Give em the boots!

In every wardrobe you need an item that makes you feel invincible...ish. It can be anything from a wristwatch to a suit, but it must be an item that empowers you. In fact it should feel less like clothes and more like a weapon. Something that not only protects you but defends you and serves to make the point you want to make with your presence. "I'm here motherf#*ker!" I have a few these items but currently my 1972 Vietnam era combat boots, purchased of ebay for a fair price, are that item. I've worn them with jeans. I've worn them with suits. I've worn them on stage. I've worn them on dates. Yes, we still go on dates. This is my weapon.  What's yours? Choose your weapon!


  1. I got a black leather greatcoat for Christmas anywhere from five to ten years ago from a friend of the family. Ever since I first slipped it on my shoulders I was filled with a thrum of energy, of power.

    In said coat I felt as if I could take any punch, any bullet and soldier on. Compliments gravitate to me. Derision simply slides off.

    Said coat just fills me with a sense of power, a sense of self. One of those items that makes me feel as if anything is possible, giving my normally shy self a sense of confidence and power, something a great article of clothing can make you feel. CFL.

  2. There's this classic black wool dress coat I got from my dad when I was 19. I could be wearing jeans and a sweater (SWEATER!) underneath it, but as soon as I button it up, I'm stylin' like Grace Kelly.

  3. Navy Adidas track jacket, vintage, white stripes, the material is a nylon blend that is out of this world. They literally don't make these anymore, in any way. They are a product of Mexico and about 6 or 7 years ago there was a whole mess of these jackets (and bottoms, 1/4 ankle zips and stirrups to keep them over your shoes) being sold as sets on Ebay. Best clothing item I ever bought. I have gained and lost weight but this damn thing always fits perfectly and looks amazing. If I ever have a portrait painted of myself I will be wearing this light jacket.

  4. Oh shit, I just realized after posting that comment I could have said, "it's the blue jacket I'm wearing in that tiny picture to the immediate left of these words."

  5. I have many pairs of John Varvatos boots. Usually bought on clearance. They make me happy and slightly more confident.

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