Sunday, January 1, 2012

Outdress The New Year

Happy New Year you elegant people that know how to step it up in life and walk around the house like a f-ing champion.  This is us on our way to a low key New Years party that couldn't have been more perfect for the non-partiers that we are.  Let's just say that no one left the kitchen all night which is my favorite type of social gathering.  There was talk of resolutions but ultimately the consensus was that rather than making resolutions that won't last a week maybe this year we should try to make a list of things that we want to do better.  I for one want to get better at structuring my time and sticking to the structure.  The idea of achieving my goals by continuously working diligently every day rather than getting side tracked by my closet needing a good refolding or my desk piles needing a good sorting is truly a new one to me.  The thing I always forget is that the things that drive me crazy (piles, clutter, disorder) will always be there but to stop my work to deal with them is my own quicksand.  I can never climb out or truly make progress - I just get sucked in.  So in 2012 I'm going to try to let it go.  Move my laptop out of my office for my writing hours and then dedicate an hour a day as an OCD reward to try to organize my always cluttered brain.

Things I want to do better and more of in 2012:
Exercising regularly. Lay off the sugar. Drink more green smoothies to start the day.Breakfast - Green Monster Smoothies #freezerGreen smoothiegreen smoothieSTAY ORGANIZED! Listen to more music. Listen to more podcasts. Read more. Go to the movies more. Finish conversations with my husband. Ride bikes with my kids.
 Go rollerskatingRollerskates. Let's go rollerskating!love these, I miss my rollerskating days
Walk, hike, play the dogs.  Go to bed earlier. Learn to play the piano, drums or guitar...or all three (that's a biggie!) See art. Make art. Make space in my home to make art.  Downsize, downsize, downsize. Get a new label maker and go crazy. Organize!!
OrganizationOrganization!!!I love my label maker, too.
Find new things to make on Pinterest. Stay off Pinterest! Be real about Pinterest and structure time in my day for my Pinterest addiction. Post more often!!!

Tomorrow: favorite songs and foods to start the new year!


  1. You and Amira look amazing. Love both of your outfits. Amira always looks ready for the runway. You are just about the best dressed man I know.

    I'm adding you to the sidebar of my blog. I hope that's ok. See you in February!


  2. I think I thought Greg wrote this post but now I think it was Amira. So, my comment above seems strange but you understand, right? Love you guys.