Friday, January 20, 2012

What to wear when... Chapter 1. You don't want to waste an outfit

As I'm writer who works from home, many of my days are spent being seen by the general public only in short glimpses at the kids' school or running errands.  It seems a shame to waste and incredible outfit on a day like that and yet when you live by the mantra of Outdress The Enemy you can't really go out in sweatpants and feel like you're being true to yourself.  Unless they're really cool sweatpants which DO EXIST!  Friends ask me all the time how I pick my outfits, why I pick my outfits and how I get away with wearing THAT!  Here's what I'll tell you, it's all about the feeling you get when you put any piece of clothing on.  As you build your outfit, each piece will make you feel happy or disappointed.  It's weird but you know when that one piece doesn't make your outfit better and it bums you out.  That's because your clothes are an extension of you.  They are the visual representation of what you think about yourself.  So even on a sweatpants day, take the time to pick out the pieces of your outfit so you're not starting the day on a down note.

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  1. I want that sweater coat, please. You look rock'n chic!