Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is that a cheese grater you're playing?

So I like to fancy myself one of the "Cool" parents and believe me there's some stiff competition so I really do step up my game.  But the other night I tripped upon this video that sent me into a shame spiral like no other.  Not only have I not managed to get my kids into music lessons but I can't play one myself.  It's pathetic.  Don't think I'm not going to hook my girls up Clockwork Orange style to Depeche Mode, sticker my piano and get down with some amateur jams at the crib.

Now I've never had a great amount of sticktoitveness but the Behrendt family band is on.  Music lessons starting ASAP.  Already picking out band outfits!  Hold me to it people.


  1. Creative & adorable! Get that family band going while your kids are still young enough to think it's cool to be in a band with their parents. With an 11 year-old we've already missed that opportunity ;) Also, it's never too late to start an instrument. I bought myself a drum set a couple years ago right before turning 40. I'm not very good, but it's fun and a great outlet. I even went to Ladies Rock Camp where you form bands (we were Folk That!), write a song & play a show in one weekend. It's an outgrowth of Girls Rock Camp, which our daughter did the past two summers. No prior experience needed.

    1. We first heard about these camps through the documentary "Girls Rock! The Movie." My daughter and I went to camps here in Madison, WI, but there are Girls Rock and Ladies Rock camps in locations all over the country. There's a GRC and LRC in the Los Angeles area: http://www.rockcampforgirlsla.org/. Check it out.

  2. Oh my god that is the cutest thing ever!! my heart melted at how they sang their lines with such determination! good luck with the behrendt experiment.... you've got a lot of work ahead!

  3. OMG! Amazing. I'm also saddened being the hardcore music lover that I am, that I myself cannot play anything...gotta get on that.