Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How I learned to dress. Pt 2 Dress Like A Jackass!

Despite the fact that he has spent much of his adult life covered in blood, shit and bandages Johnny Knoxville, the co-creator of the hit MTV reality series/movie franchise Jackass, is also a stellar fucking dresser. His getting it done gear usually consists of chopped Dickies, Chucks,  thrift store cardigans, Budwiser dress shirts, thrift store t's and aviator glasses, These are the staples of his totally unique look. But he doesn't stop there he augments his clothes. All of his Dickies are chopped off by hand at the ankle as though he's expecting the levees to break at any minute.  He'll wear a a Budwiser print dress shirt but he'll add a tie and a cardigan sweater. What impresses me is that it doesn't come off ironic. It's sincere. And somehow classically American. And not unlike the boys in Social Distortion the whole thing prolly costs $100 bucks minus his glasses, which are usually aviators or Wayfarers. Here's that element of using one expensive item, usually an accessory, to make the whole thing look glam and put together. This can be done with good glasses, a hat, a tie or even just a cool watch.  Even when he does need to go more upscale he he does it in an unforgettable way buy donning a searsucker or straight up pink suit because like his show he's clearly not afraid to take a God damned risk. Knoxville outdresses the enemy even when being catapulted, crushed or paper cut. Don't be afraid to be a Jackass.


  1. I fucking love this blog. It's changing the way I imagine I would dress if I had any balls.

  2. I always forget that Johnny isn't *that* person and he's actually a phenomenal dresser and quite handsome.

    The reconciliation in my head just takes a bit.

    AND when I get dressed to go out *anywhere* I always keep in mind "what if I ran into my ex today?" Of course I want him to eat his hat! :D

  3. Knoxville could pull off just about anything because he's gorgeous. He can carry that confidence into any outfit where most guys would look slovenly because he is genetically gifted with a delicious face.

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