Monday, March 19, 2012

That's my hat.

I hate hats. I don't look good in hats. I don't want a hat. That is until I found my hat. You can't just write off a whole piece of clothing. Saying you don't like hats is like saying you don't like shoes. It's a ludicrous statement. I'm not saying you have to have a hat I'm saying you shouldn't write it off with out at least trying a few. A couple of years ago I went through a serious Sinatra stage. I couldn't listen to, or read enough about the man.  I was particularly impressed with his attention to detail visa vie his appearance as I had begun to change mine. I started to wear suit pants with t shirts or brogues with my jeans. I started to mix the old with the new. Sinatra wore a cardi. I wore a cardi. But I couldn't bring myself to buy a hat. However my wife and girls noticed my obsession and bought me a snap brim fedora like his as a birthday gift. Again I would have never bought myself a hat because as I said I hate hats. But because my girls were so excited about it I tried it. And guess what? I found I liked having a hat. But it wasn't the right one, it felt too Charlie Sheen and not enough Sinatra, so I kept searching. A lot of the members punk and ska bands I love wear the Trilby hat with the short brim, it is sort of the official hat of the ska nation. I went on a hunt for one. But the super short brim proved too short. And my nose too big. Then one day I was looking for live performances from Tim (Rancid) Armstrong's solo record when I came across the the video below. There it was. My hat. Ok his hat first, but mine now. Classic fedora with brim up. Actually the fedora is the worlds most  popular mens hat so it wasn't hard to find one. I googled and found Brixton who I've blogged about before. They make awesome reasonably priced hats. I have 6 of them. I wear them all the time. Not everything about your look will happen right away but if you don't don't try nothing will happen!
P.S. Tim Armstong's style is and always has been punk rock impeccable and his solo record A POET'S LIFE is one of the best ska records recorded in the last 20 years!


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  2. And that's how Greg Wears His Hat (NNF callback).

    Greg, to many of us you're our Sinatra. With the golden-awesome, the feeling like we've got a close & powerful friend, and the golden-awesome (can't have too much awesome).

    I've caught a lot of hell for sweatering up (more colors, a few cardigans), but you know: I feel better about myself, work takes me more seriously, and I've gotten a lot more attention lately (se good, some from drunks). So take that, bro's.

    -- Chad Edge (Seattle)

  3. I'd love to wear a hat. The problem for me is the rest of my wardrobe doesn't really seem to be hat-friendly. I live in South Florida, where, honestly, a hat would probably be of some use to protect me from skin cancer. But a hat always strikes me as more of a cool-weather accessory. When it's 97 degrees and 100% humidity, the last thing I want to do is put another article of clothing on myself.

    My typical work attire is dockers and a polo shirt or button-down shirt. So a hat doesn't seem to be appropriate. Besides, in those circumstances, I'm pretty much walking from the front door to the car, and from the car to my desk, so my hat-wearing window is at best three minutes a day (unless I forget to take it off my head while driving).

    My casual attire is even less hat-friendly - jean shorts and a t-shirt. As a slightly overweight guy (OK, according to my doctor, I'm obese), and one with no great flair for fashion, I can't really pull off the "Yes, I'm wearing a bowler at a jaunty angle, thank you for noticing" look.

    I was in Ireland for a 10-day vacation last month, and I got myself a nifty wool flat cap. It went well with my cashmere car coat and scarf... but it was also 40 fucking degrees. I tried wearing it when I got back to sunny Florida, and I looked like a giant dork, in my jean shorts, t-shirt and wool hat.