Sunday, April 1, 2012

Did I Bring Enough Shoes?

So the little girlies and I are in Las Vegas for five days to visit family and see some shows. We're off to see The Beatles Love Cirque tonight. Do you think I brought enough shoes for five days???


  1. You have a lot of designer shoes and bags. How I wish I could also afford those. I'd usually buy from clarks shoe sale because I could pretty much afford those comfy shoes.

    1. I do indeed have a lot of designer shoes and bags but it's because I'm a life long sale shopper. Almost all of the shoes and bags you see in this picture were purchased as various end of season sales over the past years. My big splurges were ones I saved up for for a VERY long time. When I lived in NY in my 20's and was walking past shops all the time I'd find myself at a Clarks during shoe sale time too. I don't know if there are Clarks near where I'm living now but have found Zara and Forever 21 to be excellent for finding some seriously affordable fashion. I'm also not afraid to brave the crowd at a sample sale!