Friday, May 18, 2012

There Will Be Band Pants!

Yesterday I started the process of designing and sourcing material for pants, shirts and possibly sweaters to outfit Mike and I for some up coming gigs with the Reigning Monarchs. Angelo Warner the band's in house graphic mastermind and I took a trip to downtown Los Angeles and got in it. (Angelo writes about it HERE)  I have always been a big fan of bands that are as exacting with their presentation as their sound, Bands like The Clash, The Specials, Bow Wow Wow,The Stray Cats, Social D, The White Stripes, No Doubt, The Strokes... I could go on but we'd all fall asleep, seriously . The fun of it isn't just imagining what I'd like to see but also what I've never seen. Also we currently have a look (below) that I feel needs updating. Then add in the fact that Mile and I are both 40 plus, the band plays instrumental surf and ska (that seems now to be heading towards a more reggae and 60's soul vibe) and that I'm not made of money. Making your own clothes can prove very spendy if you don't do the actual sewing. Why go to all the trouble? Why not just tell everyone to wear black? We've done it. It's just not that satisfying someone always wears brown, or the blacks don't match. Look, The Clash looked like a gang, Jack White dresses his road crew, it's cool and it looks tough that's why. Stay tuned we found some awesome stuff. (Don't worry the day of the dead stuff is just for pocket lining I haven't lost my mind)

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