Saturday, June 23, 2012

Afternoon to evening

Some days you have to put together more than one look on a tight schedule and it requires a bit of slight of hand magic.  Here I am on the way to see my daughter's play, note that my hair is actually rolled up in an elastic headband looking a bit Grecian. I'm actually curling my hair with this little trick for my night time look and using the blue flower clip to keep the headband in place.

Love these very Chanel-esque tween shorts.

My daughter Mighty in Cats. Ridiculously cute!

Here's after I let my hair out. 
Looks like I actually had curling iron time in my day.

Here's me later that night at a wedding.
Well, I'm in the bathroom at the wedding sneaking a photo.
Not that I have any judgement against those that get married in bathrooms.
Well maybe a little judgement.


  1. omg your daughter is so cute! Your hair turned out amazing. I tried that same trick with the hairband once and it did not work for me, unfortunately. Too bad too because it is such an easy way to set your hair!

  2. Thanks so much for your nice comment. You should see young Mighty out of the cat costume! The hairband trick has become my go to. I have long wavy hair with no distinguishable curl to speak of so the hairband trick really gives my hair some nice loose curls. Did you try doing it with your hair just slightly damp? I've found if your hair is too damp it stays wet wound up in the headband but if it's too dry the curl doesn't stay for long.