Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frosted Tipped Douche!

My hair! Here is an area where I am adrift without real advice. At least in the practicle sense. I've not always had success in this area of outdressing the enemy. When I was a kid I was towheaded and in the summers my hair would go white. Very cool!  But as I headed into college in the early 80's my hair had turned a really dull shade of dirty blond. It also laid flat on my head. My hair is really fine and lifeless and my skin is super white so I always looked washed out, pale and sad like I had the flu. Then one day I showed my girlfriend a picture of this American rockabilly band called the The Stray Cats. "You could totally do that." she screamed, and then went and got the bleach. And off to the hair races I went. I've been bleaching and producting my hair in some way ever since. I've had a variety of different cuts from a Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) to a Joe Strummer, and I can't claim that any of them have worked. My hair has always been rock and roll inspired but hasn't always come across that way. I've taken a lot of flack for it, been compared to other haircut notables like Ty Pennington, and have even been called a "frosted tipped douche." by a Seattle rock journalist. Insults like that not only hurt but they can make you question yourself. And that one certainly did, for about a half an hour, but it didn't stop me from being me. In fact it probably provoked what happened next.

My favorite haircut of all time has been the Mowhawk. It's just tough looking, like the Mowhawk Indians were. Matthew Ashman the guitarist of the awesome Bow Wow Wow wore one, Adrian Young the drummer for of No Doubt has one, and of course that dude from the Clash, but I never had the guts to do it. Then finally I decided fuck it! I'm not on TV, I am in a band, and I have to know what that feels like to have one. And I'm gonna bleach the shit out of it! And there you have it. I don't even know if it looks good I just know I fucking love it and I'm never going back  It's my choice, it feels like rock and roll, it goes with my clothes, and it goes with the life I'm pretending to live! :)  I guess my advice to you is do what makes you feels fucking great, be the person you came here to be, and let the haters remind you of who you really are. I only answer to one authority on me, and thats me. OTE!
Matthew Ashman

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