Friday, July 6, 2012

Logos, God, And The Japanese. The Art Of Collaboration

This is the official logo of my band  The Reigning Monarchs. It was created by Angelo Warner my buddy and graphic design partner in the Reigning Monarchs. I love it. To me it's everything a logo should be. It's clean, striking, aggressive and a little bit goofy. It fully encapsulates what our band is about. If you didn't know, we are a Instrumental, Surf, Ska, Reggae, Punk concern with some lesser influences as well. The lion obviously represents the Monarch/King element of the name but also the reggae style. The checkerboard on the crown obviously represents the the ska and the crossbones would be the punk element. Finally the Japanese symbols literally mean "Surfer Band" We choose this because I've alway loved Japanese reinterpretations western culture and since we are not a traditional surf band I chose to spell it out in Japanese. But let me be clear about this, while I participated in pulling all the elements of this together with Angelo, this is HIS work. Angelo came up with the logo. One of the best experiences I've had in life is creating shit with others. Angelo is a super talent and graphic design isn't even his main thing he's both film director and a musician. (Hopefully we will put those other talents of his to work soon) But he's get's what the band is all about. He's able to take direction from me and I'm able to take direction from him. Yeas ago I read this Jack White quote about collaboration where he said.

"If they can tell me in two sentences what the idea is and leave it open to having God in the room and letting things happen, I’m in."

That's makes so much sense to me. God in this case being inspiration. Our collaboration has gone from "Hey dude I met on twitter can you silkscreen some stuff onto sweaters?" to a small but furious graphic T-shirt design business that has it's sights set on bigger things. While it's important to have a vision about your art it's also can also be equally as important to open yourself to the ideas of others... without that I wouldn't have The Reining Monarchs, Walking The Room, He's Just Not That Into You or my kids! Have a vision and have a point of view but don't be so rigid that you miss an opportunity to make awesome with someone else. Oh and always Outdress The Enemy!

P.S Shirts and Band Rags now available with our logo HERE! 

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