Monday, August 6, 2012

Fantasy Island!

Today is the last day of a 10 day Hawaiian vacation. I am sad to go for sure but I always leave here inspired and alive. I surfed, paddled, cliff jumped, tubed, ran, ate and laid the fuck around. It was totally magnificent. The beautiful thing about Hawaii, and I think island life in general, is that it dictates a way of living. Certain choices are made for you. You will not be wearing a sweater, lace up shoes, or pants . You will be outside a lot. You will exercise because the island demands it. The island creates people like super athlete and surfer Laird Hamilton who literally invents sports. You would think I'd hate it but I don't. As a wannabe maker of cool things, and an obsessive compulsive with control issues, I like that kind of environmental structure and those kinds of environmental demands. I did stuff here I wouldn't have said yes to on the mainland cause I'm a pussy. I took risks and they paid off. If anything it has solidified my goals. No, I have no desire to tow in surf because I would die on the tow in, but I would like to invent the Island Cardigan!

As Angelo and I make the designs for the Reigning Monarchs we often talk about starting an offshoot beach inspired lifestyle brand called Reigning Monarch Surf and Formal where we would craft surf inspired formal wear and formal inspired beach wear. Things like a black a velvet hoodie or 3/4 length chinos with a silk screend tux stripe, or possibly board shorts that look like vintage tux pants. The beach and it's needs meeting my life and my stylistic ideas. The point is I'm now even more driven to do this because this is where I want to end up. Here by the ocean, with my family, making clothes, listening to ska, hanging with friends, and playing music. It's just a dumb fantasy at this point but I'm putting it up here so I remember when I get back. Aloha!


  1. i love the formal inspired beachwear idea. the future of menswear needs that!!! Kind of reminds me of this recent Bill Cunningham video
    it's gotten me so excited for menswear

  2. That is exactly what I need. I need non-shitty "fuck you Tommy Bahama" surf-inspired neckties and dress socks with the lion and bones on them. Do this. Please do this.

  3. No fantasy is dumb. This crazy dreamer is about to board a plane to meet her (other) hero. Dumb can become reality, then it's not dumb anymore, it's totally, completely fucking amazing. Go GB!