Friday, November 9, 2012

Boots & Sweaters

There's nothing like the first rain of fall.  It strikes me as hard as a little girl waking up on Christmas morning.  Living in Los Angeles, our fall doesn't really start until well into November as the Indian Summer kicks our ass all through October.  But yesterday it RAINED!!! Not a little mist but actual turn your windshield wipers on RAIN!  When my scheduled meeting was moved and I had a big open block of time unexpectedly I decided to break out my sweaters and boots.  I cannot tell you how much I love sweaters and boots.   Having grown up on the east coast and lived there again in my twenties I have big gooey love for thunderstorms, snow days and weather related excuses to curl up in front of a fireplace with a good book and a cup of tea.  We get NONE OF THOSE in L.A.  So I have to make do with the west coast falls and winters and make the most of the few months I get to wear my giant knits and knee high boots.  Every year I lust after oversized sweaters, military or architectural coats and boots, boots, boots!  But the truth of the matter is that I share my closet with my husband who also loves clothes so I only have so much space for my beloved winter wear.   It's quite possible that I won't buy anything new in the winter wear category simply because I'm at the point where I'd have to make room for something new by getting rid of something I already have and probably love.  That being said, when I unpack my boots and sweaters I fall in love all over again and they seem like new indulgences simply because they've been out of sight, out of mind for so long.  So here's a few of the newly unpacked loves of my winter life.  I'll start with boots today - note that all but one pair of boots are more than one year old.  In fact, many are at least five years old and I haven't even unpacked my stash from my NY days in the '90s.  Talk about vintage! (Wink!)   Sweaters, coats and accessories to follow!

Sweet sweet Alexander McQueen & Givenchy

Costume National & Chloe

Isabel Marant, Barneys Coop & Vivienne Westwood

Fiorentini & Baker on the ends and Bess in the middle

Prada and Balenciaga

Me in A SWEATER and beloved Sartore navy riding BOOTS!

The back of said boots.

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