Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Doubt!

No Doubt is our family band.  It is the one band that my husband, my daughters and I all truly and enthusiastically love.  We love their records, we like what we know of the people in the band (and yes even our daughters know all the names of the band members,) we love their aesthetic and of course the divinity of Lady Gwen.  She's the coolest.  As the mother of two young girls I can only tell you that I am grateful that a person like her exists.  In this time of reality television and tabloids it's a blessing to have a woman who exudes glamour, confidence, ambition and family values.  She doesn't seek tabloid attention and you NEVER see her stumbling out of a limo drunk, creating the opportunity for "up skirt" shots or nipple slips.  She's a class act.  Her beauty and sexuality illustrates her strength in addition to her femininity.  Her attention to her family shows her priorities are in the right order.  The quality of her work - everything from L.A.M.B. to her music - is outstanding.  It all matters greatly to her and she excels in a way that makes her seem accessible not untouchable.  Our family was lucky enough to go to the No Doubt concert this week at The Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles and I'll tell you that they were INCREDIBLE.  This band knows how to put on a great show.  They don't play hide and seek with their hits - they give them to you - along with the best of their new record.    Gwen is generous with her attention to the fans, always reading their signs, inviting people up for photos, acknowledging that the relationship between No Doubt and their fans goes both ways.  It's lovely how much time out of the show she takes to connect with fans.  But it would be a crime to overlook the visual aspect of the show.  Longtime collaborator Sophie Muller creates an incredible visual experience to elevate the live show even more.  Then there's the fashion...

No Doubt in Concert at Gibson Amphitheatre - Night Five                       LOVE IT MORE THAN WORDS EXPLAIN

No Doubt


No Doubt


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