Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Patterns

This summer I've been incorporating more patterns into my everyday dressing which is a bit of a departure for me.  If you were to look into my closet you'd see that 85% of my clothing is a single color. So I've challenged myself to put a print into my outfit five days a week.  Here's what I went with yesterday for day and night.  

Here's one of my fave Elizabeth and James dresses paired with Shoe Mint heels, Brandy Melville scarf and a Vivienne Westwood bag. The back of the dress is low, drapey and bustled at the bum.

This is what I wore to The Watch premiere last night.
Alexander McQueen dress, Vionette belt, Gucci shoes.

Closer shot of my Kathy Waterman pendant.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Am Doll Parts...

So recently I was made aware of Stuffed Magazine and one particularly unique doll maker who creates her bizarrely beautiful rag dolls under the moniker Junker Jane. In the pages of Stuffed you can visit the wonderfully warped mind of today's crop of softie culture.  I remember growing up when even stuffed rag dolls conformed to a beauty myth of always being perfect, pretty and sweet.  Not surprisingly I never really attached to many dolls of any description but then again, the dolls didn't speak to me the  way these softies do.  Treat yourself to the wonder of Junker Jane next time you're in a rut and need to jump start your own creativity.  Junker Jane
It's a doll revolution!
Straight up Greggae Style dream dolls.

Who's a cutie?
Pixar has nothing on this lady!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Logos, God, And The Japanese. The Art Of Collaboration

This is the official logo of my band  The Reigning Monarchs. It was created by Angelo Warner my buddy and graphic design partner in the Reigning Monarchs. I love it. To me it's everything a logo should be. It's clean, striking, aggressive and a little bit goofy. It fully encapsulates what our band is about. If you didn't know, we are a Instrumental, Surf, Ska, Reggae, Punk concern with some lesser influences as well. The lion obviously represents the Monarch/King element of the name but also the reggae style. The checkerboard on the crown obviously represents the the ska and the crossbones would be the punk element. Finally the Japanese symbols literally mean "Surfer Band" We choose this because I've alway loved Japanese reinterpretations western culture and since we are not a traditional surf band I chose to spell it out in Japanese. But let me be clear about this, while I participated in pulling all the elements of this together with Angelo, this is HIS work. Angelo came up with the logo. One of the best experiences I've had in life is creating shit with others. Angelo is a super talent and graphic design isn't even his main thing he's both film director and a musician. (Hopefully we will put those other talents of his to work soon) But he's get's what the band is all about. He's able to take direction from me and I'm able to take direction from him. Yeas ago I read this Jack White quote about collaboration where he said.

"If they can tell me in two sentences what the idea is and leave it open to having God in the room and letting things happen, I’m in."

That's makes so much sense to me. God in this case being inspiration. Our collaboration has gone from "Hey dude I met on twitter can you silkscreen some stuff onto sweaters?" to a small but furious graphic T-shirt design business that has it's sights set on bigger things. While it's important to have a vision about your art it's also can also be equally as important to open yourself to the ideas of others... without that I wouldn't have The Reining Monarchs, Walking The Room, He's Just Not That Into You or my kids! Have a vision and have a point of view but don't be so rigid that you miss an opportunity to make awesome with someone else. Oh and always Outdress The Enemy!

P.S Shirts and Band Rags now available with our logo HERE! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

There's good stuff on the other side!

I know people who don't work. I know people who don't like to work. I know people who have many valid reasons why they can't work. I feel badly for them.  Maybe they haven't found the thing that motivates them, maybe they can't push through the hard part of any great endeavor to get to the yummy goodness on the other side. Maybe they don't know that it's not a flash of blinding inspiration but rather a notion that you might want to do something that starts the ball rolling. God didn't come to me and tell me to do standup, I just thought "I'm kinda funny... let's give this a shot."  I'm not judging. I'm really not. I've been there. For the first 33 years of my life I avoided hard work at all costs. I wanted to take the shortest route possible between two points. I half learned the guitar, I barely got a theatre degree after 6 years of college, and the first 5 years of my standup career were spent hoping something better would come along. I was also a drunk who preferred  the delusion of success than actually attempting to be successful. When that all came crashing down on Aug 12 of 1996 and the smoke began to clear I discovered something wonderful... a work ethic. With no money and no real prospects I didn't really have a choice. So I threw myself into standup, got a job catering, and started a love affair with trying.  Since that time I've had some great successes but not the ones you might think. Yes there has been some money and a small amount of fame but the success I'm talking about is the kind where you see something through from inception to finish. Where you answer the voice in your head and risk looking stupid to accomplish something that lives in you. And you do it despite what the rest of the world thinks. In two weeks time my band The Reigning Monarchs will have brand new music out, the merchandise wing of the band and the Walking The Room podcast (informally called Reigning Monarch Surf and Formal) will have 7 different designs in our "store"Mike Eisenstein and I wore the pants I designed at our last gig and hopefully by next summer we will be selling them, and finally in August Dave Anthony and I will take our podcast on the road. None of these enterprises make any of the participants money and yet they are my life blood. And they are hard. Shirts don't turn out the way we'd imagined, listenership is down, I can play the part live but it sounds like shit in the studio, we don't have enough money to get a better screen printer, the bass player moved back to Austin and the thing I do to support all this, my standup career, seems to be dying on the vine. There have been many ripe opportunities to quit.  But I can't. I get up, put on a Monarch's T and head to the garage. Because I love the work. Because in two weeks there will be new music. Because in a month or so we'll be in Austin Texas. Because despite the lack of financial reward this shit makes me happy! I don't know if I've ever been this creatively fulfilled. I am not special. I'm really not. But I will not sit by and watch others have all the fun because they simply decided to try. You shouldn't either. When the shit gets hard remember to push through! I promise you there is good stuff on the other side... and always Outdress The Enemy!