Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look sharp play guitars!

Because I'm such a fashion pig people often ask what's my favorite accessory. Or  maybe that's never really happened and I just want to tell you because I'm high on coffee right now. If you know me or my ridiculous style you know I like scarves, rings, watches, fingerless gloves, hats and sunglasses. Let's face it I'm a fucking ponce, and I'm ok with that. But but my favorite all time accessory is a guitar. Every time I put on any outfit I go pick up my favorite guitar of the moment (Currently a metallic black Schecter Ultra III Special Edition) to see if it works. If It doesn't I change. Yes I just admitted that. I want to always look like I'm in a band and about to go on stage to play music. Guitars in fact dictate my style not the other way around. If I'm wearing one I'm winning. My life is in order. And what that guitar looks like matters. Guitar purists will blanch at that statement I'm certain. But in order for me to really love something I have to love the way it looks. Sorry that's me. Oh and by the way they make sexy guitars that play amazing. Look no further than the Gretsch White Falcon.  Part of being in our band and getting our music across to people is to also to present to them with style ideology that is cohesive with the music we are making. Recently USA Mike Eisenstein the better half of the Reigning Monarchs and I we offered a guitar sponsorship by our chums at Schecter Guitar Research. They are a brand mostly associated with the metal world but have recently been making really cool, vibey, retro, hot rod, vintage inspired guitars. They thought given the Monarchs' cool, vibey, retro, hot rod sound that we might be interested in playing their gear. In our meeting with them Mike who really is the tone purist pointed out that the look would have to work as well as the sound. The tiny rep our band already has is one of looking sharp while playing guitars. While neither Mike and I have youth on our side style is available to everyone. If you have the option to make a cool choice then make one.  I play better when I look better it's just a fact and If I play well? Well then I'm exactly where I want to be. Looking sharp and playing guitars! Oh yeah...and always outdress the ENEMY!

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  1. Picturing you doing this guitar thing in the mirror made me smile so big my cheeks are now permanently damaged. So, thank you.