Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Black Sweater Massacre

Almost one year in the making here it its in all it's sartorial glory... Black Sweater Massacre, the second full length instro, surf, punk, swing, reggae, ska offering from my band the Reigning Monarchs and executive produced by our fans. It's is literally a 60's inspired instrumental record dedicated (In my mind anyway) to the art of OUTDRESSING THE ENEMY. That's message. When we say massacre a sweater it means "You are killing in that sweater, massacring it" not lets kill that sweater, that would just be weird.  We like to see this album as call to arms. Sweater up! we say, meaning embrace the real you and dress it up, skank, thrash swing with us. If you are not a member of our sweatered militia join up NOW by buying one of our albums or wearing some of our gear. Or do both! Let US be the official soundtrack of outdressing the enemy!

1 comment:

  1. Sweater vests are half way measures, go nuclear! SWEATER UP!