Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Boot Sightings of Fall

It's the most wonder time of the year!  
That's right, BOOT SEASON.  
Almost nothing makes me happier than getting to pull out my boot and sweaters for the fall. 
Since I live in Los Angeles, that means mid to late November, sadly.  
Here's my first two boot looks for the fall.
I wore this Marni for H&M dress with my BLUE Chloe boots when I went to record
 my portion of It's Just A F***ing Date!

Yes, they're my blue suede boots.
I'm still dying over them.

Here's what I work to pre-tape all the segments for our upcoming Lifeclass with Oprah on our new book It's Just A F***ing Date!

Top and skirt by Zara.

These Prada boots are more than a decade old and are still running strong.
One of my best investments!

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