Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello leather pants, it's been awhile.

There was a time when I had many leather pants in my wardrobe.  Remember when Earl Jeans came out with their first pair?  I think I had them in burgundy, forest green and black.   I loved the way they made me feel so tough and cool.  The fellas seemed to approve of them as well if you know what I mean.  So my closet had been stripped bare of leather pants over the years until recently when my sweet friend gave me a pair of J Brand leather skinnies.  Now these beauties have been sitting in my closet for six months until the other day when I whipped them out for a birthday luncheon.  I'm officially obsessed with them now.

 Leather pants: J Brand, Tank Top: Enzo Costa, Top: Zara
 Shoes: Chanel
Blazer: Stella McCartney for Gap Kids, Sunnies: Chloe, Bag: Givenchy