Friday, June 7, 2013

Green Goes With Everything

Someone once told me that green goes with everything.  But that doesn't seem possible, right?  Wrong.  Think about every garden, forest, park or outdoor space you've ever been to in your life.  What do you see?  Shades of green in natural harmony with every other color.  So I picked Green when it came to plopping down the dollars for my Celine bag last year.  I have to admit, that it took me awhile to take it out of the dust bag but I finally did and I'm loving my color choice.  Is it weird if I start referring to green as a neutral??

Me in Zara skirt, Chanel shoes, Enzo T-shirt, Stella McCartney Jacket, Gucci watch, Celine bag,.
Mighty Luna in Target sparkley docs and over the knee socks, Sister Sam dress, hand me down sweater.